Friday, March 6, 2009

Vol IV 1/2, not to be confused with Volume IV 3/4: Project Princess

The title: Project Princess
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Trophy, 2003
Got it from: Amazon

Q: Does this count toward my total book count if it is only 50 pages long and I read it one morning in the bath before work?
A: It is if I say it is.

This was a special mini-book, the proceeds of which go to special housing development. In this slim volume, Mia and her friends spend spring break building a house for a needy family in West Virginia. As you can imagine, not a lot happens in fifty pages. Boris throws up on the bus and everyone is horrified they have to sleep in tents and wash with wet wipes. Mia gets to make out with Michael and everyone goes out for Dairy Queen. The End.

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