Thursday, March 12, 2009

Princess in Pink

The title: Princess in Pink
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Trophy, 2004
Got it from: Amazon

So - we're halfway through the series, if you don't count the side novels. Which I don't.

Mia turns 15 in this novel and her birthday turns into a complete disaster (naturally). Grandmere brings her dog to the fancy French restaurant and he runs amok, causing the waiter to spill soup all over Grandmere. The waiter (a hot young Tibetan named Jangbu) gets fired. Lily gets all upset over this (mostly because Jangbu is hot) and soon all of New York's hotel industry in on strike. Which bums Mia out because she wants to go to the prom with Michael. Only Michael thinks the prom is lame, and it doesn't look like the hotel is going to be able to host it.

Things of note:
*Not many lists in this one (boo).
*Mia's mother is way pregnant at this point. I won't give away the ending but I think you can guess what happens.
*Boris, distraught over Lily's leaving him for Jangbu, drops a globe on his head and has to get stitches.
*Tina decides Boris is her Mr. Rochester and they start dating.
*Not bad, but when are they EVER going to get to J.P., aka Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in His Chili?!

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