Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Princess in Waiting

The title: Princess in Waiting
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Trophy, 2003
Got it from:A used bookstore in a time and place I know nought

Hey. I know how you're feeling. No hilarious book reviews in ever so long. But fear not. More good stuff is on the way.

So here we are at Volume 4: Princess in Waiting. Basically, not a lot happens in this book. Mia spends Christmas break in her future country of rule, Genovia, and pines for her new boyfriend Michael. Grandmere gives her some advice to not chase boys and makes her read Jane Eyre as a guide. Mia arrives home and is conflicted over whether or not to go to the Countess Trevanni's Black and White ball and please Grandmere or have her first date ever with Michael watching Star Wars.

Brain musings:
*Okay, is it normal for a high school to have a Christmas break that extends to January 20th?! I don't think that's normal.
*Mia gets lost in Prince William's brilliant blue eyes at a ball. Heh.
* Three lists in this volume! My favourite things about this series are all the lists Mia makes. In this one: "Mia Thermopolis's New and Improved List of Hottest Guys (with commentary by Lilly Moscovitz)"; "Lilly Moscovitz's Guide to What's Hot and What's Not on TV (with commentary by Mia Thermopolis)"; "Mia and Lilly's List of Romantic Heroines and the Valuable Lessons Each Taught Us." My favourite: "Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice: boys like it when you are smart-alecky."
*Two more references to future J.P., aka Guy-Who-Hates-It-When-They-Put-Corn-in-His-Chili! Ooh, foreshadowing!
*Mia steals a present from the Genovian Museum for Michael's birthday. It is a moon rock given to Grandmere by her dear friend Richard Nixon.

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