Saturday, March 21, 2009

Halfway there, living on a prayer: Princess in Training

The title: Princess in Training
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Collins, 2005
Got it from: Ye Olde Book Depot

Let this be a lesson for you: if your best friend is lusting for power, and nominates you for student council president, you can best believe she wants it for herself! Beware!

Mia is in a tizzy (as usual) at the start of her new school year. She's just returned from her summer in Genovia, where she has unwittingly unleashed an international crisis by dumping snails in the bay to kill off some deadly algae. All this takes second place, however, to the fact that evil Lana Weinberger tells Mia that if she doesn't Do It with Michael, he'll dump her. And you know what? She's right! Because Michael reveals himself in this book to be a complete and utter ass. Meanwhile, Lily pushes Mia into running for student council president.

Things of note:
*They make people decide if they want to run for student council president on the first day of school? Seriously?
* This book is the first book to introduce the mysterious Perin, whose gender nobody can discern. Turns out he/she/it is female.
* Boris, over the summer, has turned into a hottie. Mia is appalled, and still wishes he wouldn't tuck in his sweater.
* Have I mentioned lately what an ass Michael is? I mean other than the fact that Mia is enchanted by his handsomeness, he's a pretty crappy boyfriend. He never takes Mia seriously and continually patronizes her. This is the book that made me lose all respect for Michael. Instead of saying, "We'll have sex when you're ready," he badgers her with, "I'm not going to wait around forever," and "When are we going to do it? Come on!" Which I suppose is realistic for a college boy but he's supposed to be the hero. *Insert snort of derision here.*
* The only balm to my soul is that (I think) J.P. appears in the next book.

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