Saturday, March 28, 2009

Christmas in March - yep, more PD

The title(s): Holiday Princess & The Princess Present
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication:HarperCollins, 2005 and 2004
Got it from: The Book Depot

Good news, those who are sick of reading about the Princess Diaries! Only four more full-length novels and two side novels to go!

Normally I wouldn't be reading Christmas books in March, but as I vowed to read the whole series, here we go. The Princess Present sees Lily, Michael and about a hundred assorted royals descend on Genovia for Christmas. Will Michael love Mia's present? Will Grandmere's precious Faberge advent calendar be damaged? How could Prince Harry participate in strip bowling? Will Lily find true love with all the men who adore her? Actually, the thirteen-year-old Pierre, Comte de Brissac, who has a crush on Lily, is a brilliantly inspired character. I particularly love when he mutters under his breath, "Mademoiselle, you intoxicate me." When Lily has a romance with the footman, the Compte goes loco and insists "that hireling be flogged for his overfamiliarity with the young lady."

To which Mia replies, in what is arguably the best line in the series, "You are one weird little dude, Pierre."

Holiday Princess is all about how to be a princess during the holidays (although no way do I believe Grandmere writes personal notes for all one thousand of her Christmas cards). Cute, but not a necessary edition to the series. Unless you are a holiday freak like me and enjoy reading about Christmas in other countries punctuated by comments from Mia.
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