Saturday, February 14, 2009

You could see it coming for a mile, or; Princess in Love

The title: Princess in Love
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Trophy, 2002
Got it from: Hannelore's

Mia is now kind of/sort of dating her bio partner Kenny, even though she realizes now that she is totally hot for Michael. Mia's royal cousin Sebastiano shows up at the Plaza where Grandmere is staying and designs some dresses for Mia, even though she's convinced he's trying to off her and take the throne himself. She has to study for her end-of-term exams, prepare for her official introduction to the people of Genovia and break up with Kenny. Oh yes, and she still hasn't been asked to the Nondenominational Winter Dance.

Things of note:
*Mia gets to lie on Michael's bed and smell his bedsheets
*Mia lists Anne of Green Gables on her list of books that sucked??? Nooo, how could you??? But redeems herself by putting "the guy Brendan Fraser played in The Mummy" on her list of "guys Mia Thermopolis could see herself committing to for all eternity." Also, Wolverine.
*Mia leaves anonymous love notes to Michael with such epic poetry as:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You may not know it
But someone loves you
* Not only does Mia pull the school's fire alarm (for a good cause), she smashed Lana Weinberger's cell phone. You go, girl!
*Kenny breaks up with Mia 'cause he thinks she's in love with Boris Pelkowski
* This is where Michael confesses his true feelings to Mia (awww!)

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