Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Princess in the Spotlight

The title: Princess in the Spotlight
The author: Meg Cabot
Publication: Harper Trophy, 2001
Got it from: Hannelore's

It's PD day again. Princess Diaries, not personal development.

So Mia's mother announces at the start of the book that she's pregnant and Mia's math teacher is the father. Mia handles it pretty well, all things considered. Mia's mom wants to elope, but her grandmother (the Dowager Princess) plans this big wedding at the plaza. Mia's hick grandparents from Indiana come for the wedding, including hunky farmboy cousin Hank. (Mia: "Thank God first-cousin marriages were made illegal in Genovia in 1907.") Meanwhile, Mia is getting secret love letters from somebody who thinks she's the "Josiest girl" in school (yeah, she doesn't know what that means either). She hopes it's from Michael, but doesn't know. Oh yes, and she humiliates herself on a nationally televised interview.

Things of note:
*Lily's boyfriend Boris, who I forgot to mention before. He's the Russian violin prodigy who they lock in the closet at school when he plays the violin, and Mia is obsessed with mentioning how he is a mouth-breather and tucks in his sweaters. He punches Hank in the face in a jealous rage.
*They mention the World Trade Center (this book was published a few months before you-know-what)
*This is the book containing the infamous incident where Mia drops an eggplant out of Lily's 16th floor apartment window. Nice!
*John Tesh plays at Mia's mother's wedding. Also, Martha Stewart helps her design a Halloween costume.
*Mia's self-description: "ostensibly female, but lack of breast size lends disturbing androgyny."
*First mention of J.P.!!!! At this point, though, he's still the weird guy who hates corn in his chilli.

Coming soon: a Valentine's Day love spectacular, where I review both Princess in Love and Valentine Princess! Yay!

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