Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give Kathryn books. Now.

The SBs are giving away Georgette Heyer books.

I haven't been too disappointed that I haven't won any of their contests before. But these books, I want so much I'm salivating. I've only read one of Heyer's books before, but as the Grande Dame of Regency romance, she's been calling out to me...calling my name...for ever so long! They've been reissuing her titles recently here in North America. When I was in England two years ago I first saw them and fell in love with the gorgeous, gorgeous covers. I mean, look at them!

(Know what those girls are saying? "Why aren't we in your library, Kathryn? You want us to be in your library! Why don't you looove us?")

My library, sadly, is deficient in Georgette Heyer books. Nor do my local used bookstores carry them, particularly not with the new covers. And where does that leave poor-as-a-churchmouse me? Left playing the book lottery.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Edited July 16: No dice. Sigh. I guess I'll have to find another route to Heyerville.

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