Saturday, May 24, 2008

22. The Meaning of Sisterhood

The title: The Meaning of Sisterhood
The author: Beverly Sommers
Publication: Fawcett Juniper, 1993
Got it from: Freemont Books

No. of times I've now read this book: 2

Age at first reading of this book: 15-16

No. of years before I started going, hmm, what was that book my friend loaned me back in high school? It was kind of bad, but kind of good: 9-10

No. of frustrated hours I spent looking for this book online using my mad librarian skills, before turning to my last resort and asking the SB's: 4-5

No. of months between sending my request to the SB's and having them post it: 4

Length of time the request was up before someone correctly identified this book: 13 hours, 51 minutes

No. of days after I got my answer before I went hunting for the book at my local used book store: 5

No. of minutes it took me to find my book once I entered the YA section: 7

Total cost of book: $1

No. of minutes after purchasing before I realized it was a discard from a library where I work: 30

No. of pages in book: 120

No. of hours it took to read when I brought it home: 2

No. of times D. asked me if I'd gotten to the groping scene yet: 1

No. of times I thought to myself, "they'd never put that in a YA book now!": a lot

No. of times the characters had popcorn or chocolate bars or something else that made me hungry: too many to count

No. of boys the main character kisses: 2

No. of times she likes it: 1

Amount of time for character development, given the book is only 120 pages: not much

Meanings of sisterhood that I got from this book: 0

Crazy unrealistic plot device used to get the long-lost sisters together? Oh yeah

No. of seconds it takes before you realize the dorky football player is going to end up with the heroine, not that creepy poet guy: 0.5

Altogether? Solid god B, and that's extra points for bringing me back to the early '90s.


Anonymous said...

Is it a YA book? IS there a groping scene?---

I haven't found, personally, much explicitness in today's YA books. When I was 12/13, I read quite a bit of Norma Klein. I don't see her anymore in the bookstores. She wrote quite literally of sexual experiences. Have you read anything by her?


KJH said...

This is a YA book. If you look at the tags on my posts, I try to put them in appropriate categories. There's a brief "hand under the sweater" moment that totally shocked me back in high school, lol.

I think when I said, "they'd never put that in now," I was more referring to early '90's anachronisms. Like teenage girls eating. But yeah. Do you think the right-wing nutjobs have infiltrated the YA genre and are removing all sexual texts? Only time will tell.

Bitch magazine mentioned Norma Klein. I'll have to check it out.