Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to

I haven't got a proper post today, as I've been verra busy and am deep into at least five different books without having finished any of them yet. Today I thought I would blog about an event that is near and dear to my heart.

Madonna's birthday.

Ten years ago today it was all over the news: Madonna's turning 40! Rip out the front page, this is news, baby! Since this was still a hazy time when the internet wasn't a primary news source, TV and radio trumpeted it all over the place, as if the act of turning forty was a supreme achievement. But was there any word of my turning 16, I ask you? What news source heralded this landmark occasion in my life? What has she done that's so great? So she's made some music videos and sold some albums. But I survived Quispamsis Junior High, and let me tell you, that's more worth celebrating.

Now here we are again and nothing's changed. I defy you to find a news source today that's not celebrating Madonna's 50th birthday. But what of my 26th? In the past ten years, I've graduated from high school, earned two degrees, bought my first car and gotten married. What's she done? Made some crappy albums, had a handful of kids and gotten divorced and stuff. Hardly worth all the attention she's getting today. Whose birthday is really worth celebrating, I ask you?


Anonymous said...

ha ha are so funny. Some newspaper somewhere should really hire you as a columnist.

I think, though, that Madonna's first couple of albums were awesome. I played them over and over!!!

But uh, what has she done lately? (except get an horrific facelift?)


KJH said...

No newspaper would hire a radical feminist with a sense of humor.

I love Madonna's early stuff! I'm not dissing it at all. But everything after 1998...not so hot.