Friday, August 8, 2008

39. The Book of the Seven Delights

The title: The Book of the Seven Delights
The author: Betina Krahn
Publication: Berkley, 2005
Got it from: Reads Saint John, last Christmas

This book is about...well, I'll let the cover copy explainermarate:

Abigail Merchant is determined to prove her worth as a librarian to the stodgy old men running the British Museum. When she uncovers the journals of an eccentric scholar in the museum basement, she sees the opportunity to earn the curators' respect and vows to complete the old boy's search for the remnants of the Great Library of Alexandria...even if she has to go all the way to Timbuktu to do it.

Think Evie from The Mummy, only make her more completely helpless. Heck, why not just say this is The Mummy slightly rewritten, since the hero is a bitter ex-Legionnaire. Make no mistake about it: this is a very silly book. If you're willing to suspend your disbelief (I mean really suspend it - especially in the middle where it goes all Fantasy/Sci-Fi) you may enjoy it. The characters are fairly two-dimensional, except toward the end where they mysteriously change their ways. The hero, whose name is Apollo (yes, Apollo), is a little too heavy-handed with Abigail at times, and her character is so plucky and feisty it seems somewhat contrived. But there is nary a dull moment in here as the action and harrowing chase across the desert just doesn't quit.

I repeat: this book is very silly. The ending is about fifty pages too long and the HEA is incredibly saccharine. Still, if you're looking for a fun desert adventure that doesn't make you think too hard...B.

Edited it add: I'll bet you're wondering what the Book of Seven Delights is and what that thigh is doing on the cover, aren't you, you saucy thing? Well, a lady never tells. You'll have to read the book to discover it for yourself.

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Andrew Clarke said...

Could I suggest a fantasy title to try? "Outcasts Of Skagaray" is an action adventure fantasy, with characters intended to be credible, not romantic inventions. You can preview it by reading the sample chapters on If you decide to read and review it, I would be glad to hear what you think. Best wishes, anyway. You write an interesting review.