Monday, April 28, 2008

18. The Devil's Delilah

Why, oh why, can't all books be this fun?

The title:
The Devil's Deliliah
The author: Loretta Chase
Publication: Walker, 1989
Got it from: Library

Here are five reasons why I love this book, and think it deserves an A:

1. It's even better than I remember from before. This book came highly recommended to me, but I sadly had to rush through it and return it to the library before I moved away. I had to skim-read a lot of it, which is something I never do, and I think that caused me to miss much of it.

2. The complete reversal of your typical Regency romance: he's the shy, skittish, intelligent bookworm and she's the pistol-packing, knife-wielding adventurer with a notorious reputation (ill-founded, but isn't that always the case?) If I could change one thing about Regencies, it would be that there were more innocent, shy heroes and fewer rakes (they're overrated). Oh yes, and more heroines with serious ovaries.

Once she found herself in his arms, she'd decided she might as well let him steal his kiss-only because she was curious-and thereafter reward him with severe bodily harm.

3. He wasn't so nerdy that you wanted to slam his dictionary over his head repeatedly. As Candy from Smart Bitches says, and I quoth:
"I would so pounce on him and make him Aeneas to my Dido, except without the freaky shit involving curses and funeral pyres and stabbing myself in the chest."

As someone who has actually read The Aeneid, and practically all of the classical texts that are mentioned in this book, I can only say: word.

4. Dialogue that was just hysterical. Delilah's, her father's, Jack's...

"Miss Desmond, I find there is-I mean, I have an intensity of...feeling for you that...that I cannot understand-or control, apparently," he ended feebly.
"It is usually called lust, Mr. Langdon," she snapped.

5. No rambly descriptions of scenery or anything else that bores me to tears. Just straight-up witty repartee (my favourite), "delightful romantic misunderstandings," and a cast of outrageously screwball characters.

I really do need to read more Loretta Chase. And Georgette Heyer.

Oh what the heck, one more:
5b: Because it was just what I needed while I was (and am) still feeling very sick. Because sometimes I just want something really funny and sexy that will guarantee me a happy ending, no questions asked.

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