Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Round-Up

The last six months or so have not been great for reading.  So much of my reading energy has been taken up with trying to run and read for two book clubs.  I've also been letting go of my old reading habit of forcing myself to finish a book I don't like.  This year I probably started about five or six books that I eventually sent to the scrap heap without finishing, for one reason or another.

Although this year has been discouraging in terms of the number and quality of the books I've been reading, I'm optimistic about 2013.  My goal as always is to continue to find quality books that I love and blog about them here.  I hope soon to be back on track and I should have some new posts in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, here's my 2012 reading in a nutshell:

Even though I started out skeptical of Shannon Hale's Austenland series, I really got into it the further I went along.  I love the idea of a Jane Austen themed park and it makes me wish it were real.  I hope that there will be more books in the series and that the movie will eventually be released.

I can't stop thinking about The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin.  Maybe because it's so different from the other non-fiction books that I read.  It was such a wonderful adventure story.  I think it's my favourite non-fiction of the year, even more so than Introvert by Susan Cain.

Sweet Talking Man by Bettina Krahn was my favourite romance of the year.  Sherry Thomas is a better writer and I'm looking forward to reading more of her stories, but I just found this one really appealed to me.  It was funny and interesting and I loved the setting of Gilded Age New York. 

My obsession of the year - SHERLOCK!

In the spirit of Sherlock, I will leave you with twelve clues as to what you'll see on this blog in the coming months.  Check back next year to see which books matched the clues!

1. One First Lady
2. Two sets of magicians
3. Three ladies of Christmas
4. An intrepid woman reporter
5. The real lives of Downton Abbey
6. Pirates!
7. The secret history of a major city
8. A classic children's book I've never read
9. A very "viral" book
10. Lost books
11. A dear enemy
12. A prairie tale

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