Sunday, July 8, 2012

Seeing a Large Cat

 The title: Seeing a Large Cat
The authors: Elizabeth Peters
Publication: Warner, 1997
Got it from: Chapters Vancouver, 2001 

Reading this book, I couldn't help thinking, "this is where I came in"  When I was a teenager and started reading these books, I jumped into the later books in the series, then went and re-read the back titles year by year.  This book, which is actually the ninth in the series, is the one just before where I jumped in (The Ape That Guards the Balance).  So now I feel that I'm (somewhat) caught up.

Being an Elizabeth Peters book, it is of course funny, well-written and exciting, but I couldn't help feeling that it was a little unmemorable.  The plot of this one involves the Emersons exploring a so-called "lost" tomb in the Valley of the Kings.  The three kids - Ramses, Nefret and David - are teenagers and starting to have adventures of their own, and we even get some narrative from Ramses' perspective.  There were many elements of the plot that feel familiar from other books - seemingly unrelated people and events turning out to be related, the Emersons having to prove to gullible people that there is nothing supernatural going on, people trying to get romantically involved with Ramses and/or Nefret.  And of course a gun-wielding villain in a tomb at the end. Which is to say that I loved it, of course, but as an Amelia Peabody book it wasn't one of my favourites.

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