Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Christmas Charm

The title: The Christmas Charm
The author: Lynn Collum
Publication: Zebra, 2000
Got it from: DC, Xmas 2006

Christmas may be over according to the calendar, but here at Reading Outside the Lines the holidays just keep on going.

Adriana Addington, a recent arrival to England from Italy, is sent to be a companion to her godmother one snowy December. Unbeknownst to her, her godmother has schemes to matchmake Adriana to her bookish, woman-hating grandson. Lord Borland must escort Adriana to his grandmother's house in Scotland, where they meet with several delays and many improbable snowstorms.

Adriana was likable as a heroine, but bordered on too perfect. (She rescues a pregnant woman, an abused servant AND a drowning kitten. Literally. In that order). I usually like the shy, bookish heroes but Lord Borland's misogyny grated on me and I felt he came across as spoiled and selfish.

This book wasn't bad, and did have some cute parts, but it was overall unmemorable. I'd rate it a solid C. Fine for the holidays, but nothing special.

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