Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Girls Don't

The title: Good Girls Don't
The author: Kelley St. John
Publication: Warner Forever, 2005
Got it from: WBBS, Toronto

If you're into romances that have strong side characters with romances of their own, you've come to the right book. Colette Campbell, a former cheerleader, is now working for My Alibi, a company that provides cheating spouses with alibis. When her sister Amy begs Colette to cover for a friend, Colette agrees. Amy's friend is only eighteen and doesn't want her overprotective uncle to find out she's run off with a biker dude. Only problem is, the uncle turns out to be Colette's best friend from high school...and the guy who's been in love with her forever. He sets out to woo Colette, and she has major angst as she finds herself having to lie while falling in love with him. Meanwhile, sister Amy has problems of her own. She's having trouble coming up with new ideas for the sex toy company she works for. Sexy co-worker Landon Brooks may be just what she needs to "inspire" her. Meanwhile, Bill's neice Erika is discovering that her biker guy isn't so nice after all, and there's this new guy who seems more than a little interested...

If you've read Kelley St. John before, you know you can always expect at least two things from her books: lots of sex in strange locations and a catchphrase that gets repeated over and over again. The characters in this book say "have mercy!" enough times to put Uncle Jesse to shame (well, Uncle Jesse never did it at an amusement park before...I hope). Her books tend to be thin on plot but strong on character, which buoys them up from being standard beach reads. Although the characters may do strange things like lie for a living and make sex toys, they're good people at heart so it's hard for me to banish them to the realm of awful chick lit. While it may not be memorable, Good Girls Don't is cute, fun and lighthearted.

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