Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh, what the heck

Just to give something to amuse you until the next review, and because I get so depressed with the state of the world and people's general hatred of women, I give you: a warm fuzzy story!

Yes, the rumours you heard were true. Archaeologists were stunned to discover Britain's oldest toy buried at my favourite henge (that'd be Stonehenge) last month. It was found with a couple of babies' remains, and it seems the babies died of natural causes. In what may go down as the greatest archaeological debate this century, scientists are heatedly arguing over whether the toy is a pig or a hedgehog. No, I'm not kidding. Joshua Pollard of the University of Bristol claims he fancies it a hedgehog, while Stonehenge expert Mike Pitts says, "it's without a doubt a pig."

Hedgehog? Pig? Pighog? Hedgepig? I can't wait until the knives come out over this one. Personally, I'm seeing a pig here but hedgehogs are just so darn cute. I will follow this debate with interest.

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