Monday, January 14, 2008

2. The Bridegroom's Bargain

The title: The Bridegroom's Bargain
The author: Sylvia Andrew
Publication: Harlequin, 2005
Got it from: David, Christmas 2006

Q: Is the bride holding a pistol on the cover of the book?

A: Yes. Yes, she is.

Q: Did dad think the guy on the cover looked like Dean Cain?
A: If Dean Cain wore Regency garb.

Q: So why is the bride holding a pistol?
A: Because she tried to kill her husband at their wedding.

Q: And did she?
A: Well, that would make for an interesting necrophiliac romance.

Q: How long did it take you to read this book?
A: Far too long.

Q: Isn't the heroine supposed to be a redhead? Why is she blonde on the cover?
A: Shh!

Q: Are you going to tell me anything about the plot or what?
A: Yes, the heroine tries to kill the hero because she thinks he killed her brother and ruined her father.

Q: Did he?
A: No, it turned out to be her evil cousin all along.*

Q: Who was the best character?
A: Richard, the groom.

Q: And the worst?
A: Alexandra, the bride. She drove me crazy. To be fair, Richard was kind of information-withholding, but she was all, "I will heedlessly ignore your sound advice and steer in the direction of danger" throughout the book. Enough with the doubting of your husband and make with the sexxoring already!

Q: Overall?
A: The beginning was good, middle meh and ending teh awesome! A fairly entertaining book. B. (It would have been B+ if Alexandra had grown a clue.)

*Note - on the off chance that you were planning on reading this book and you think I ruined the ending, if you hadn't figured it out by the end of the first chapter you deserve to have it spoiled.

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